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Wavez Music & Academy 
a non profit educational institution


Wavez Music Academy, a non-profit educational institution based in New Jersey, USA that is dedicated to train people who have passion towards music.

Wavez Music has been promoting Indian multi-lingual musical events and various dance drama events all over U.S.A catering to the needs of Indian community for good causes.

Wavez Music Academy is grateful to the blessings and guidance of all the great musicians’ in Karnataka, India. 

“Music is a divine language spoken by GODs” & there is no language barrier to Music!! 

Music is a very powerful media that relaxes stressed mind of individuals either through listening, singing, performing etc.,

Wavez Music &Academy is planning to have professional musicians to train students of all ages with light music in multi languages. 

Light music training would include:
  ♦ Basic refresh to make students focus on sur/shruthi, taal/laya etc.,
  ♦ Chanting of Mantras in Sanskrit
  ♦ Bhajans/Devarnaamas’ of various Daasa’s compositions, 
     meera   bhajans etc.,
  ♦ Gazals in Hindi/ urdu
  ♦ Bhava geete’s of famous poets
  ♦ Folk songs in multi languages for dhaandia dancing etc.,
  ♦ Traditional/sampradaaya songs (learnt through generations)
  ♦ Film/private Album songs in multi languages 
Wavez Music  is a pioneer/founder of kannada karaoke. So, students will have an opportunity to learn through karaoke as well. 

Wavez Music & Academy  is also planning to conduct work shops in various arts ( music, dance, theatre arts with comedy etc.,) with  various professional artists from India in future.

As promised, WaveZ Music is pleased to annonce that Wavez Music &Academy classes has commenced since May 2009.
For those of you who would like to register for light music training, downolad the registration form and contact us.

For WMA light music trainng registration form click here:
Annual WaveZ CareZ Charitable Concert Event during September - Nov - Free giveaways !