Meet Vasantha Shashi:

a gifted multi-talented artist comes from Mysore, now settled in NJ, who supports Indian heritage, music and performing arts, literature/language in the USA. She is one of a kind person with expertise in multiple areas of the entertainment industry and excels in them.
  • Vasantha, a successful engineer, well known singer,  a ‘child prodigy’ with energetic mesmerizing velvet voice, comes from a family of musicians and had begun her  singing passion at the tender age of three in different Indian languages just by listening to the songs.
  • Her musical journey under the guidance of noted musicians like: H.R.Leelavathi, Veene Jayamma, and S.K.Vasumathi of Mysore has made her grown to engulf music and performing arts as her heart and soul with passion.
  • She continued her singing passion throughout her school and college days, had given numerous musical performances and won several prizes at many inter collegiate competitions and had earned GaaNa kOgile of SJCE” award to her credit in 1984.
  • After her Bachelors in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering at SJCE Mysore, she migrated to the USA in 1989 to pursue higher education.  She earned her advanced degrees in Computer Science from the City University of New York, Columbia University and MBA from Centenary College, USA. Currently, she is a Senior Technical professional at a multi-national telecommunications corporation in the USA. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Raj and son Sanjit who are the proud backbone & supporters of her singing passion.

Wavez Music & Academy's WaveZ CareZ is a non profit Charitable Foundation:  

  • Vasantha has truly devoted her life to divine music, keeping up with her musical slogan: “preserve Indian Music & arts beyond boundaries” has led her towards founding WaveZ-Music & Academy, USA’ in 1997, a key milestone in her music career that truly promotes and preserves music and art beyond boundaries.
  • The WaveZ-Music & Academy performing art foundation was set up to showcase talents in the fields of music, dance drama in and around the USA and around the world. The foundation ensures that to this day Indian art continues to enjoy patronage in keeping with its slogan and glorious past.
  • Vasantha being a pioneer of Indian Karaoke Music, her energetic and creative river of musical talent has touched millions of heart and soul across the globe! by giving countless performances in multi Indian languages (Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati etc.,).
  • She has hosted many legendary musicians and artists from Karnataka and other parts of India and also organized their musical concerts in the USA.
  • Through Wavez, Vasantha has also given numerous performances with noted singers and cine personalities from India in many US cities.
  • She has given performances on FM/AM Radio Stations in the USA, Mysore and Bangalore, Udaya TV, eTV Kannada, Zee Kannada, Kannada Kasturi, and also on ITV in New York.

Vasantha's CD Albums:  
Audio CD Albums information @ 

    • Vasantha with her nightingale voice has released over 25 audio CD albums in both India and in the U.S.A. 
    • Her most  popular CD albums include: 
    • " Deepa Lakshmi" Pu Thi Na's Composition - a unique collection of Bhava geethe's sung by Vas Shashi of NJ, in memory of Dr. Pu. Thi. Na. This CD was released by non other than daughter of Pu Thi Na Mrs. Padma .& Dr. Ragachar, founder memebers of Triveni USa Organization.
    • "Sampradaaya GeethegaLu Vol 1" , -  a revival of one of a kind ancestoral song collections in memory of her mother Late. Smt. Ranganyaki V.Char, which has a collection of melodious songs to preserve Indian traditional songs in multi languages. It was released in Mysore Press Club by well know poet Dr. dodda Range Gowda in March  of 2011 during T.Narsipur Temple jeerNoddhaara event
    • "Shilaabaalika", DVG's Compositions  - mankuthimmana kagga and musical dance drama presentation by Vasantha Shashi
    • Vasantha Mallika - unique melodious collection of Bhaava geete in Kannada language released by honorable Home Minsiter of Karnataka V.S. Acharya, NaaDOja Prof. Nissar Ahamed and during the release of this CD, she was awarded with "sirikaTa kOgile" award for her contributions to music
    • Narasimha Paada bhajan - unique melodious collection of Bhakthi geete in Kannada language and also she has revived her ancestors devaranaaama called narasimha puri vaasanige
    • "KrishNaa Vol 1" -  a melodious Krishna Bhajan collections
    • Akka keLavva - unique melodious collection of Vachana's
    • "OM - Chanting of Mantras" -  a meditational chanting of mantras in Sanskrit by Vasantha Shashi & Suresh Wadkar 
    • "Hindi Gazals" -  a melifluous collection of Hindi Gazal with famous legenary artist like Jagjit Singh
    • "Hari Ka Dhyaan"-  chanting of mantras in Sanskrit & melodious songs by Vasantha Shashi
    • "Sri GuruRaaya" -  a melodious collections of Bhajans on Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy
    • "Bhaava Vasantha Volumes: 1,2,3 & 4" -  a melodious Bhaava geethe/ Kannada gazal collections
    • "BajanaaMruth" - Blisful  of Meera, Surdaas & Kabir Daas Bhajans in Gujarati & Hindi
    • "VachanaaMrutha" - devotional Vachana collections and
    • "Valentines Special" - a unique romantic songs collection
    Awards & Titles:
    • Vasantha has earned numerous titles to name a few:
      • 2011: “HamsaRatna” title honor @ Ravindra Kalaakshetra by Hamsa Jyothi Organization. She was awarded along with many legendary artists of India for her continued contributions & being the Cultural  Ambassador  in the U.S.A towards Kannada Music and Culture
      • 2009: “BollyStar” title honor in the USA organized by the Digital Media Mogul SAAVN in conjunction with the State Farm Insurance. To listen to Vasantha’s Bollystar award winning number (title song from Raj Kapurs 1979 movie “Sathyam Shivam Sundaram” which received the highest rating with top 1% viewing & most praising comments from the voters and audience),  visit:
      •  2008: “SirikanTakOgile" title honor @ Ravindra Kalakshetra in Bangalore by honorable home minister V.S. Acharya and other noted dignitries during Vasantha Mallika CD release event
      • 2004-2007: “Karaoke Queen of the USA, Nitingale of NJ, USA” title honor by various Kannada Kootas of the US.A
      • 2002: “Apoorva AmerikannaDathi” title honor @ Ravindra Kalaakshetra by Raaga Maadhurya Sri. R.K. Srikantan, and by Cine Music Director Mr. Manohar for her contributions towards Kannada Music in the U.S.A 
      • 1984: "Nightingale of SJCE", title awarded by Sri Sivaraatri Swamiji of SJCE for Vasantha's contributions towards music in her Engineering college days

    Support for Charitable/ Noble cause:

    • WaveZ CareZ, a Charitable Foundation of WaveZ MusiC & Academy via nemerous musical events Vasantha's CDs proceedings, has been donated to numeraous noble cause such as : Victims of Super Storm Sandy Relief Fund, Victims of Toyphoons  in Philipines etc.,
    • Rotary Foundations, to help the less fortunate and handicapped Polio affected Children of Rural Karnataka, India
    • Mantraalaya Flood Relief, to help vitims of flood
    • Rotary Club of  Mysore, in Karnataka, India in support of less fortunate and handicapped Children of Rural karnataka
    • Earth quake relief fund raising to help vitims
    • Tsunami relief fund raising, to help the victims of flood
    • Numerous non-profit Indian Temple's Fund raising events all over the USA
    • Heart and Hand for Handicapped (HHH), in USA, to give helping hand to visually impaied hadicapped victims
    • RamaKrishna Ashrama School, Karnataka, India that provides free schooling, dorm and food for the less fortunate and destitute Children of Karnataka, India
    • Mantralaya Relief Fund, in India to help the victims of Flood, etc.,
    Apart from signing, Vasantha’s love for Kannada poetry and literature has a natural flair for composing songs, and propelled her to experiment and direct musical dance dramas and successfully proved that the true essence of kannada poetry can be brought forth to her audiences with the help of poetry, music and creative dance for selected songs 
    • With this combined talents, she composed and scored 13 track music for a Kannada play called “Maayaavi SarOvara" which was show-cased all over the U.S.A by a troupe from Washington DC, USA 
    • Through Wavez Music & Academy, she has produced and directed several theatrical/musical dance drama productions.To name a few:
    • Alaana haLLiya Jaathre, aNNa Thangiyara Pavithra Bandha, Brindavana Raasa Leele were showcased in all World Kannada Conferences and was received successfully in the USA thereby spreading the essence of Kannada language, Karnataka State through poetry, her music and creative dance for her selected songs.
    • She has conceptualized purandara daasa’s compositions with a musical dance drama production ‘Shri Krishna Vrundavana Raasa Leela’ that was showcased at the Sri Krishna Vrundavana, Udupi Matt in New Jersey during Shri Krishna Leelothsava Celebrations & fund raising event
    • To top it of, her signature song in Kannada ‘kuhu kuhu kOgile gaana’ with a unique creative kathak dance juggal bandhi fusion always very well received by her audiences with standing ovation all over the USA.
    • Being one of the pioneers of Kannada Karaoke, in September of 2004 she had the greatest opportunity to launch the first ever 'Kannada Karaoke' CD's during the World Kannada conference. Now, Wavez- Music is proud to distribute the first ever Kannada Karaoke CDs in the U.S.A
    She has also served as a elected first President for a non-profit Kannada Community Organization of New Jersey -'Karnataka Cultural Organization- Brindavana' for which being one of the founder, she was insturmental for the rapid growth of the Brindavana's kannada community in NJ. She has promoted and honored several legendary professional artists in various areas both from India as well as local artists of all over the U.S.A thru this organization as well.

    Vasantha inspite of her busy schedule as a technical professional, she says "SINGING is my PASSION" that comes to her naturally as a God's gift
    On-going Plans:  
    • 'WaveZ-Music & Academy, USA’ with it’s ambitious plans for the future, will produce more & more CD releases with a befitting tribute to Indian Bollywood, Sandalwood legends, which includes a series of performances ( Kannada and Hindi gazals, film songs, folks songs etc.,)  in remembrance of these legends of Retro Bollywood & Sandalwood.
    • Through WaveZ CareZ Foundation, Vasantha aspires to devote more & more invaluable time for charitable/fundraising events around the globe!.

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